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Blog 2 - La Farfalla

It was great last night to clap at 8 pm in support of our wonderful NHS staff. I hope you all joined in. My spirits soared as the noise rippled around our neighbourhood. Today I heard from Mill Valley, California that they all howled like coyotes there. Wouldn't work here in Richmond, no canyons.

Thinking of soaring takes me to today's scarf.

The clue is in the heading.

La Farfalla.....the butterfly.

Salvatore Ferragamo, another classy number, pure silk, hand rolled edges sporting four huge gold and orange butterflies. So, what memory does this bring to me? A mixed one considering where the world is today.

Last year I had a holiday in Sorrento, a budget one with a travel company, with a centrally situated hotel, so central in fact it was right on the railway track leading to the end of the line. We had a choice of rooms with balcony, overlooking the carpark or the railway line. Railway, it was. I signed up for a six week course in Italian so I could negotiate for better rooms for our family of four, daughter, son in law and granddaughter. In the end I didn't bother negotiating as we had a moving art exhibition of skilfully painted graffiti on the trains whilst we sat on our balcony, train-spotting Italian Banksy lookalikes.

So where does my butterfly come into all this? There were hair-raising rides on local buses along the Amalfi coast, interesting train journeys to Herculaneum, Naples and a boat trip to Capri. Not a butterfly in sight. It was a very hot day as we set off in a coach which dropped us at a minor port to pick up our boat for the crossing and round Capri island trip. There was the funicular railway to upper level  where we explored and ate yet more great Italian food, an open topped taxi, so many different forms of transport in one day. Still no butterflies. The younger family wanted to go on the hop-on individual chair lifts to the very top of Capri. 

With two hip replacements and a very arthritic shoulder..... and do remember my age, I was very reluctant to get on this constantly moving nightmare! Alone with my terror I ascended, resolving I would not get off at the top but do the round trip. I could hear my daughter in front videoing  to her sister in England her hapless mother and saying "I think I am out of the will!" I was forced to get off at the top, yelping. Couldn't enjoy the scenery dreading the descent. It was then I decided I would fly like a butterfly so BusyBee for that flight down swapped her stripes for the beautiful gold and orange of La Farfalla. I actually enjoyed flying.

Have a look at the short video.

See you tomorrow.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face.

Blog 2.

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Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee
Oct 06, 2020

I’m terrified of heights. I love the way you turned your situation into a beautiful moment and that your daughter was able to capture it and share it with us. Your butterfly 🦋 spirit shines.


Apr 03, 2020

That was very funny!


Mar 28, 2020

Fabulous Hazell - just like you. Stay safe x


Janine Phillips
Janine Phillips
Mar 28, 2020

Floating like a butterfly - beautiful xx


Mar 28, 2020

What a lovely idea Hazel!

Such a great thing to do and bringing back lovely memories for you. Take care x

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