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Blog 3 - Liberty for The Oxford Collection

Following yesterday's blog, I had a request to show a Liberty scarf. Now how British can that be? The first to hand was this one for the Oxford Collection. 

It was requested by someone whose grandmother had worked for Liberty many years ago, followed by her mother working for the same store as a buyer. After her retirement, her mother set up a cottage industry in Wiltshire making frog beanbags, large and small, using Liberty fabrics. I wonder if there is a Liberty Froggy lurking about still? I wonder also are there people out there cooped up taking up a new craft hobby which might be turned into a business post CV19? Post a message, you crafters.

This beautiful scarf, again in silk with hand rolled edges, is designed to show the motto of the University of Oxford, DOMINUS ILLUMINATIO MEA. These are the opening words of Psalm 27.....The Lord is My Light. The candles are flickering in many households, yet the evening sky has never been so bright as these last few evenings.

I dedicate this scarf to Boris as well to remind him of carefree Oxford days, and hope he overcomes his virus attack. My friend Gordon, also an Oxford scholar, is blind so I will read him this blog. It's good to hear a voice.

The scarf was bought at my local Cancer Research charity shop, so thoughts are also with anyone going through treatment at the moment.

It's forecast to get colder this weekend, so tomorrow's offering may not be silk, but good old wool.

Oh dear!  Which one I wonder?

Busy Bee, Scarf Face.

Blog 3.

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