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Blog 4 - The Great Bustard

Yes, the spelling is correct. I could have changed so easily a vowel to describe the virus hitting us. (Where indeed was this cv b...... conceived?) No, I am talking about the threatened species, the great bustard.

You may well ask what has this to do with my scarf of the day.

The weather today is sunny but very cold so I have ditched the silk scarves and am wearing a cosy wool one bought in June 2018 at the English Heritage shop at Stonehenge. I had been visiting the area to celebrate a daughter's big birthday. We were staying in an old Manor House in Shrewton and there in the bar was a stuffed bustard behind glass. It was an enormous bird, hunted to extinction in Britain in the mid eighteen hundreds. Had wondered about bustards. Knew some had been imported from Russia and Spain and introduced to a secret location on the Salisbury Plain. Anyway, it was a great thrill to see this huge stuffed bird. Have to admit It may have appeared even more exotic after several glasses of Prosecco!

Rather like the weather this week, first quite warm and then suddenly turning cold, so it was the next day after seeing the stuffed bird. We visited Stonehenge in unseasonably cold weather. I was attracted by a red SALE sign in the visitor centre shop and bought the winter scarf I am wearing today. Donned it immediately and we set off around the big stones. I think it was the young eyes of Toby which noticed the big bird. The many visitors taking selfies did not realise the rarity in the field beyond. Could not get a decent photo before it took off in a very laboured way. We were told by a Stonehenge volunteer guide afterwards, it was a female great bustard called Gertrude.

We felt privileged to have seen her.

Hope you can remember something special today.

Oh, yes, the headgear is made from an old knitted dress I cut up. Think it's called up-cycling.

See you tomorrow.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 4.

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