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Blog 1 - The Red and White Guggenheim

I have collected scarves over the years, from expensive Hermes straight from Paris in the 60's to present day Charity Shop treasures. They are mainly silk and I am very fussy they have hand rolled edges, the sign of a quality scarf. I have a collection running into hundreds, yes, that's a plural.

We are fighting a war against a new enemy, a silent, invisible and deadly one and I have a secret weapon, my scarves. I am 86 years old, in the so called vulnerable group and have self isolated for three weeks. I had the idea of wearing each day a different scarf and matching bauble from my equally large collection of earrings, necklaces, etc. I have done this for over a week, as my coping strategy.

Today is launch day of my new idea.... sharing my stories of the scarves with you. On this very day sixty five years ago I was an excited young bride looking forward to the future. I am still looking forward to it. I dedicate my first blog to my husband Godfrey. It is a special day as well as we are all going to remember the NHS at 8 pm and clap our hands at windows, balconies or doorsteps. I have a large Union Jack which I used to fly from my house in Sausalito, California when we lived there in the 70's, 80's. I have unearthed it from the garage and it is now on my front doorstep stuck in a plant pot. It will remain there until we beat the enemy.

So, which scarf to choose today? I am dressed in navy blue and white so I need something red. Thinking back to my wedding day in traditional white gown and my 'going away' outfit, I remembered my pillbox hat with small veil and matching  cravat in red and white striped seersucker bought from Fenwicks of Bond Street, and sought today a red and white silk scarf with, of course, hand rolled edges!

It is classy from the Guggenheim Museum, untitled (square labyrinth), 1973 by Robert Morris in red and white. Earrings today of no value, red blobs with silver beads. Should have washed my hair this morning for launch day, so maybe no photos. The flag looks great.

More tomorrow.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face.

Blog 1.

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